Accommodation Information

At the moment, Arrupe Jesuit University does not have on-campus housing. However, the university is in partnership with Jesuit Province of Southern Africa to provide affordable and conducive student accommodations. These accommodations follow the national policy and guidelines and standards for student housing as stipulated by ZIMCHE. Our university constantly consults with Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe to safeguard the wellbeing of our students in these residences. So far, our partner has provided living, learning, and social communities that optimise student’s development and nurture students into full grown, mature and responsible citizens.

The number of accommodation spaces allotted to our students and where (address) they are located

8 Bryden, Arundel

It is a bungalow that accommodates 24 students. It is about 4km to the Arrupe University campus and about 8km to the CBD (city centre). This accommodation has the following categories of rooms:

  • 1 room that takes 1 single person
  • 10 rooms that take 2 people in each room
  • 1 room that takes 3 people

Montrose Apartments on Fife Avenue

This accommodation is about 7.7km to the AJU campus and about 1km to the CBD (city centre). It is a sizeable complex that has the following categories of rooms:

  • 6 rooms that take 1 single person in each room
  • 41 rooms that take 2 people in each room

These two houses have the following facilities:

  • Clean and safe borehole water
  • Electricity and solar lighting
  • Unlimited and fast WIFI
  • Deep freezers and refrigerators for residents
  • Bed and mattress
  • Reading desk and chair for each occupant in their rooms
  • 15000 litres water storage tank with a booster pump
  • Housekeeping and cleaning janitor that maintain a beautiful environment for learning. There is also a waste disposal system.

Laundry and Showers: There are concrete sinks that residents use to do their own laundry. Some hot water solar geysers have just been installed. Each accommodation has clearly demarcated showers for the different genders.

Dining/meal plan

The dining hall in each residence has sitting tables and chairs; the kitchens are equipped with gas stoves, electric stoves, working tables and stainless-steel pots for private/personal cooking. A recent survey done by our partner revealed that students preferred to cook their own meals. However, if there is substantial number of students interested in meal services in these residences, some arrangement could be made. Besides, Lunch is provided at the AJU campus at a subsidized cost of $250.00 per semester.

Housing processes:

– The cost breakdown is based on the existing market rates.

– Guidelines for housing application procedures can be obtained directly from the Student Affairs Office. Send your request email to ether the Or

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