Executive Certificate in Project Management


The AJU Executive Certificate in Project Management is a 6 month long professional certification in Project Management.

* Tailored for professionals earmarking career growth in the field of Project Management.

* Offers practical training on project management in any field.

* Principles are derived from Agile Project Management principles.

* Prince2 and Scrum methodologies of project management.

* Lectures are online for now. A total of 6 hours per month of contact lectures, the course is part time, to suit the working professionals.

The prospective students must meet the regular university requirement in Zimbabwe or country of origin for a BA honours degree (5 O Levels, 2 A levels including English and Mathematics), relevant diplomas and certificates will be considered. All will be considered without discrimination of race, age, nationality, gender or religion etc.
Mature Entry with minimum 5 years industry experience in any field will also be considered

  • Module 1: Introduction to Project Management
    • Introduction to Projects and Project management
    • Project Management vs Operations Management
    • The Triple Constraint (Cost, quality & Scope)
    • Project Roles and Responsibilities
    • Why projects fail
    • Project Manager as a Transformational Manager
    • Project Roles and Responsibilities
    • RACI Matrix


    Module 2: Project Initiation and Planning

    • The project management organisation
    • Business Case
    • Project Requirements and documentation
    • MoSCOW Prioritisation in projects
    • Project scoping
    • Goal and objectives of a project
    • Project Initiation Documentation
    • Project Scope
    • Communication Strategy
    • Managing Risk and RAID Log
    • RACI Matrix
    • Benefits identification


    Module 3: Execution/Dev Ops + Monitoring and Control

    • Project Task Scheduling and Planning
    • Work Break Down Structure
    • Managing work packages
    • Project Scheduling – Use of Microsoft projects
    • Project Schedule Management
    • Change Request Handling
    • Ethics and Project Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Managing Conflicting requirements
    • Project Monitoring and control

    Module 4: Quality Management

    • Quality Assurance Testing
    • Quality assurance methods
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Team Building
    • Change Management
    • Training
    • Knowledge Transfer
    • Managing resistance in change
      • Planning for launch
      • Project Reporting and accountability



    Module 5: Budgets and Cost Management

    • Project Budgeting Developing the budget of a project from various types of costs
    • Estimating Project Cost methods
    • Managing the Baseline
    • The meaning of variances in cost and progress
    • Diagnosing causes of variances
    • Remedial measures
    • TCO Calculation Methodology (Practical)
    • Benefits Realisation Tracking
    • Monitoring & Controlling Project costs


    Module 6: Project Closure

    • Project handovers to operations and support
    • Premature and normal closure
    • Project Evaluation
    • Documenting Project closure
    • Closure Meeting


    Course Work

    • 3x Group Presentations
    • 4x Individual Assignments (With Case Studies)
    • 1x In-class Online Test



    • 12x 3 Hour sessions fortnightly with 100% attendance will be required
  • Prince 2 Foundation Principles
  • Agile Project Management Approach
  • Scrum methodologies
  • Practical Project Management training with tangible case studies to upskill students to handle any project management scenario in the work environment.

Tuition:                USD 200

Application fee:   USD 20

Enrollment fee:    USD 20

  • Project Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Programme and Portfolio Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Support Office

∙ 3x Group Presentations

∙ 3x Individual Assignments

∙ 2x Tests

12x 3 Hour sessions fortnightly with 100% attendance

Lecturer: Pamhidzai Maud Mhembere

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