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Deadline for January intake is 10 DECEMBER 2021

Classes resume 18 January 2022

Application fee is USD20. Click on the PayNow button at the end of the form to make an online payment.

In order to complete this form, you need scanned copies of original documents or certified copies of the originals, passport photography, and National ID, or International passport. Secondly, you need to write your Statement of Purpose and your Writing Sample before you complete the form. You must click on SUBMIT at the end to send the Form.
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You are required to submit with this application form, duly filled out, a writing sample of between 250 and 300 words in length, in your own handwriting or typed. You may choose one of the topics suggested below, or any other suitable topic. Suggested Topics: (1) “What I hope to learn from studying at Arrupe Jesuit University” (2) A (non-confidential) letter to a family member or friend (3) An account of your personal or family history (4) An explanation of the meaning of your name (5) Your favourite African name for God (give your reasons) (6) A brief homily or speech at a special occasion (7) A story from your family’s history (8) An amusing or striking story, whether true or fictional (9) A parable with a message (10) A news story (11) A summary of your favourite book or film (12) A description of a scene, or of a person
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he essay should be concise and direct responding adequtely to the following questions. 1) Who are you and where are you from? 2) What do you want to study at the university? 3) Why do you want to study this degree? 4) Why did you choose this particular department or school? 5) What kind of academic or non-academic experience do you have or what kind of skill sets do you have that qualifies you to apply to this program? 6) What additional knowledge and skills are you planning to gain from this program? 7) What are you planning to do with the degree or certificate after your graduation? 8) What is your expectation from the department and the university? 9) For the Bachelor's degrees: what is your major area of study (major concentration) and your minor area of study (minor concentration )? 10) For Masters/Doctorates: are there any professors or lecturers in the department that you intend to work within your research? 11) For Masters/Doctorates: what is your area of concentration in your studies? 12) What and how will you contribute to the development of knowledge and life in the university 13) If given this opportunity, what will you do with it? 14) Why should the university consider your application?
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Three Letters of Recommendations

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Uploading Required files in PDF

Please include with this application form certified copies of your birth certificate and all relevant academic certificates/diplomas/degrees.
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