Executive Certificate in Human Trafficking


This course portrays diverse the aspects of human trafficking, with a special emphasis on its negative impact on individuals such as psychological emotional, effects. It is a modern-day slavery. Economic crisis in Africa has fuelled the act of Human Trafficking. Hence the need for urgency awareness and advocacy to humanity. It is in this course, that one will learns important terminology in this field, the different types of human trafficking that exist and an understanding of the scope of the problem, both domestically and globally. The student will also learn about the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma experienced by victims of human trafficking and the methods used to recruit and control them. The roles that entities such as government, the media, faith-based organizations, organized crime, communities, families and culture play in these complex human rights and social injustices issues will also be explored.

  1. As the course has the urgency of awareness and advocacy on Human Trafficking it requires 5 O’Levels and above.
  2. Anyone who is able to read and write and has passion for human beings.
  3. Anyone who has passion for human beings and can be taught orally if not able to read and write.
  • Everyone is responsible for the well-being of all human beings. Therefore, Human Trafficking course is meant for everyone.

Six months

  1. Activist of Human Trafficking in any institution and organisation.
  2. State and part states
  3. All NGOs.
  4. Communities
  5. Your own family
  6. Yourself as an individual

Tuition fees: USD 200,

Application:  USD 20

Enrollment:    USD 20

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