Course description

A practical oriented hands on course that provides the methodology and procedures associated with cyber security and forensic analysis.  Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals associated with the software, networking, hardware devices, protocols, and applications required to conduct forensic analysis in a web and digital environment.   Contents cover cyber and computer crime, Computer Forensics, Forensic Tools and Processing of Electronic Evidence, Cyber Tools and Tracking as well analysis registry. This course will incorporate demonstrations and laboratory exercises to reinforce practical applications of course instruction and will require hands on practice. The course dwells on two sections namely the cyber security and the computer forensic. The course uses a more general hands on approach were focus on the practical applications are supported by the theory.

Students, IT professionals, Security personnel who want to venture into the computer forensic and cyber security.

Entry Requirements: Knowledge of Information Technology fundamentals (computer hardware, operating systems, applications, and networking) is needed. One can be exempted if he/she has some experiences in the IT areas.

  • To correctly identify appropriate instances for the application of computer forensics
  • Correctly collect and analyze computer forensic evidence
  • Identify the essential and up-to-date concepts, algorithms, protocols, tools, and methodology of Computer Forensics
  • Understand the threats in web, mobile, networks and security concepts.
  • Apply authentication applications in different networks.
  • Understand security services for email as well as mobile devices and their applications.
  • Awareness of firewall and it applications.
  • How to use typical forensic investigation tools

The courses covers four main modules which are:-

Module I:     Computer foundations

Module II:   Cyber-crime and Computer crime

Module III:  Computer forensics

Module IV:  Forensic Tools and Processing of Electronic Evidence

Module V:   Cyber Tools and Tracking

Module VI: Analysis and Registry

The course to be covered over six months. Upon completing the course, students can be engaged in IT security organization were they can apply the taught course in various forums such as security, investigations, forensics, criminology, etc.

Tuition:                USD 200

Application fee:   USD 20

Enrollment fee:    USD 20

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